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German rottweilers for sale and adoption
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United States/Horse Country Miami Dade Florida 33183 USA/ Phone 305-785-0075
Germany/2 Blankenburger Strasse Oranienburg 16515 /Germany/Phone +49-3301533897

Rotweiller IFR 2012

Rottweiler pet puppies for sale and adoption

Our Rottweiler puppies are pure breed offspring exclusively of champions.
If you are interested in further information visit our Rottweiler sales section, discover more about their origins and pureness and find answer to whichever question you may have.
Our Rottweilers are raised and trained on our private grounds and are in constant contact with people, children and other animals, which makes them excellent pets and highly sociable since birth.
You may enquire additional information by phone or completing our contact-form online.

Rottweilers Aron and Moro

Home of the Iron Rottweilers. Our agenda is to contact, exchange information and favorites pictures of our dogs. Our goal is to consistently better the breed, create the best possible offspring and stud service available. We run 2 Kennels (Hobby Breeders).95,832 SQ FT in Horse Country and South Miami-Dade County Florida United States and my brother 45,127 SQ FT in Oranienburg Germany. We believe that a dog needs to feel happy and loved to achieve optimal health and maximum physical capacity. As owners, we are dedicated to giving our dogs the best care possible. We plan our breeding with dogs,with the least amount of mistakes and problems of genetic transmission as eyes clear,hip problems,mouth pink spots,teeth,take care not detail such mistakes in our dogs.Our dogs live in our Farms, are raised with children and socialized with our Horses. We are very proud of our pups, they are a sight to behold and they will satisfy every eye.Rottweilers are not any kind of dogs. They are smart, they can think, they are friends, jealous, totally loyal, guardians, protectors and children lovers. Please take a moment to browse through our site to learn more about our Kennels .We hope you'll enjoy your visit and stop by soon as we are always adding new pictures and information to our site.

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